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TL;DR - iPhone 7 at 83% battery capacity after 2 year use. - Battery percentage fluctuated a lot at low temperatures. - Reserved a battery replacement using Apple Support app. - Hid all the jailbreak related stuff in one folder and rebooted my phone to unjailbroken mode. - Ensured I’ve changed back the modified model number and ICCID before replacement. - Run diagnostics as per request by the staff at the Apple Store. - Specifically told them not to make any modification to my phone’s software in any way. Responsibilites of not doing so would be on me instead of them and they said they don’t even care. BATTERY REPLACEMENT DOES NOT INVOLVE FIRMWARE UPDATES. - Got my phone back approx. 30 minutes later and everything’s working perfectly. Battery capacity at 100%. Checked both with BatteryLife and the “Peak Performance Capacity” thingy. - Ended up spending 30 minutes on the replacement process (which I think is very quick) and stepped out of the store after 40 minutes. ___ According to Apple, > Battery service at $29 may be limited to one repair per iPhone. After December 31, 2018, the fee will change to $49 for all these products except iPhone X, which will change to $69. Issues caused by accidental damage aren't covered under the Apple Limited Warranty. Therefore I decided to get my iPhone 7 battery swapped before the program ends. It was at 83% before the replacement and the symptoms of low battery capacity were already quite obvious. Battery fluctated a lot at low percentages, randomly jumping from 20% to 40% at low temperatures (approaching 0° celsius now, northern hemisphere, guess it’d be worse below 0°). I reckon the phone still had the potential to offer a decent 2 year use with the jailbreak (don’t really play games on the phone and usually 3-4 apps in background so performance is not a major issue here), and I am quite satisfied with everything the jailbreak has enabled me to do. Before I go to the store I’ve done some research on it so the battery would be replaced as soon as I get there. These are the details: - Downloaded the Apple Support app. - Logged in the using the Apple ID I wish to use for my reservation. - Changed ”Location” under the “Support” tab to the region I’m currently in. (This step is necessary for those whose Apple ID is set to a different region for whatever reasons. Rest assured that the region settings of iTunes and App Store and iCloud would NOT change with this.) This step is only necessary to display the stores near you and appropriate terms and regulations of your country for a battery replacement. - Under the Get Support tab I selected “More Products” and then “iPhone”, then “Battery & Charging”, ”Battery replacement”. Under “Get more help” I selcted “See all” and then “Bring in for repair”. - It then showed a pop up telling me to confirm my first name, last name. In China they also ask for a valid passport number/government ID number, which I think is a bit unnecessary, but anyway). After that it gave me a selection of dates and I proceeded with Sunday. And lastly they gave me a “Case ID” to refer to when I’m at the store (which proves to be seemingly of no use), also saying I may need to provide evidence for my purchase (valid ID, sales receipts, etc.). This could be a China-specific thing but actually they did NOT ask for them when I came to them to get the battery replacement. - Just to be sure I phoned the store to ask whether the battery of iPhone 7 is still in stock. And they told me yes, also saying I can go there any time I want as long as it’s within the running hours. So I went to the store at the reserved time. Got my jailbreak stuff in one folder and dragged Cydia and Electra to the third page so it won’t be that easy for them to find out. Then I rebooted the phone back to unjailbroken mode so the modified dock and lockscreen would be changed back to normal. I actually had some modifications in the Settings app ( that would persist after a reboot and I forgot to restore them but fortunately they didn’t even notice. Only thing I remebered was that I changed back the modified model number (LL/A to CH/A) and ICCID shown in Settings in case they think this is an unauthorized machine as they won’t find a device corrsponding to that ICCID. Things they asked me are listed here - My name when I reserve online - The permission to remove the screen protector and the case - Unlock the phone to run diagnostics (The diagnostics option is in Settings - Privacy - Analytics, maybe?) It’s quite strange how they didn’t ask for proof of purchase and my ID as per request in the Apple Support app. They just charged me and that’s it. Oh I also told them not to update my phone in any situation as I’m a developer requiring an iOS 11 test device. Their response was that there’s no software update in the replacement procedures as described as Apple so rest assured. They even added that they actually don’t really care. In case you are curious, here’s what I saw they’ve also done - Contact the Apple server on an iMac to confirm the registration status of the device - Remotely tell the device to do a self diagnostics and send report back to their computer - Plug in my phone to a MacBook (maybe to ensure correct device IDs?) It’s a bit weird as there’s no charging indication on the phone when plugged in, nor is there the usual “Trust this computer” thingy. They took a photo of the phone with the cable plugged in to something looks like a USB hub but with a serial number label on it. Then they proceeded with the replacement. 30 minutes later I got the phone back. Battery percentage at 20% and capacity 100% as shown in the Settings app. Enabled jailbreak and rechecked the battery to be on 100% capacity using BatteryLife. Overall I’m quite satisified with the whole process taking me less than an hour. For anyone who’s willing to get their battery replaced while jailbroken before the discount ends, I guess this is the time to do it. Just be sure to ask them not to update your phone and it’ll be just fine.