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****CHECK THE UPDATES THEY ARE IMPORTANT**** There have been 3 "essential" upgrades pushed out. I suggest not updating them. They have been causing bootloops for people on different ios versions and different devices. For the record, people are saying it's specifically the Cydia Installer package that's causing the bootloop, but I would play it save and ignore all 3 packages. If you want to upgrade the other two and not to Installer, be my guest. Let me know the result. Hopefully pwn and bingner can help. Bootloop errors I have seen so far: [\_the\_latest\_cydia\_update\_put\_me\_into\_a/]( [\_iphone\_x\_will\_not\_turn\_back\_on\_after\_cydia/]( peace edit #1: for some people, this might work and be a great update. I just saw bootloops and felt I had to post this edit #2: apparently bingner pulled jailbreak resources instead of Cydia Installer, so maybe he believes that is the problem and not Installer as previously thought edit #3: ALL 3 OF THESE UPDATES, not just Jailbreak resources, HAVE BEEN PULLED edit #4 MOST IMPORTANT: succession was the thing causing this bootloop. To learn more, check out this by samg himself