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Hi, I assume most of you have already seen the [question posted here]( about PokeGo jailbreak bypass that was one of the best we have seen on this sub, yet was quickly removed and the developer wiped her entire history on reddit and twitter. The issue here is that we see many, many developers doing few things and suddenly leaving, giving us no choice but to clone their packages from our devices, rehost them on other repositories or just sharing them via google drive/dropbox/icloud or whatever you prefer. I don't even want to mention dozens of widgets, themes and other theming stuff that are non existent anymore. We have a rule that says "unofficial mirrors of tweaks are not allowed". Which potentially means, that if developers will still post their small tweaks on their own, private repositories, we will eventually have nothing. Imagine BigBoss dying. Imagine YouRepo dying, or Packix. What will happen then? Sure, we can make a backup of a repository, but won't that break the rule of "unofficial mirror"? Will you adjust your rules then just because a critical moment? I tried to reach out the original dev of PokeGoJB Bypass but there is no response from her. She's quiet, thus I stated in my post that is she wants - I have absolutely no issue to remove my package from my own repo. And I hosted it, because apparently people wanted it. I understand mods concerns here and their post removal, but I wanted to ask the community - what do you think about it? And developers, and everyone else... We are already stuck with many, many tweaks that are paid because they can't be purchased. That means - we need to reproduce them and make them free. And this is okay, package is abandoned, there is no more money from it, it is not updated, etc. Don't force us to do the same with abandoned, free packages... I want to remind you mods, that when first Electra was out, nobody actually cared about packages literally flying around on dropbox and google drives. You allowed for that, because there was no other way to install a package than manually inject it through SSH. Best regards. edit: **apparently u/PJ09 have blacklisted my repo without any word, warning, speaking to me. Shortly after the blacklist I've received a permission from OG dev to host my package. I didn't receive any warning, no one has contacted me about the issue, no one has told me I am being blacklisted and no one has told me what to do to be removed from such list. Great work guys.**