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Mobile Platforms & Attacks Course Duration 04:38:00 What to expect from this course: Learn about Android, rooting, hacking it, understanding what goes behind the scenes, Learn about NFC Tags, Attack Vectors, How to use Odin, Malware, Learn about IOS, understanding the architecture, the device, the security behind it, Jailbreaking, Locking it down, get an Introduction to Other Mobile Platforms in the market, such as the Blackberry, learn about Mobile Malware, IOS & Android, Introduction to Mobile Payment, Android & Apple Pay and More! Malware Threats & Attacks Course Duration 03:28:05 What to expect from this course: What is a Malware, What’s a Trojan, Trojan Infections & Types, Virus & Worms, how do they get in, closeups on the code, the goal, how they hide, Learn how to create a Trojan, different ways to enter, evading anti-virus, types, Creating a virus/worm, investigating a malware, countermeasures & more! Denial of Service (DoS) Course Duration 02:06:59 What to expect from this course: Understanding Denial of Service Attacks, Using Norse to Visualise it, The impact of DoS Attacks, Phlashing, Man on the side attacks, Complex Study of a DDoS Attack, learn how to use LOIC, DDoS As a service, learn how to perform one, defensive considerations, discovering the attack pattern, absorbing them, traffic reputation, prevent DDoS with CloudFlare and more! By learning and understanding how hackers work, you can become a great ethical hacker!