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To elaborate, after attempting to install the latest Cydia essentials upgrade, it hung on loading for 20 minutes after which I force closed Cydia. After this Cydia would crash on attempts to reopen (no surprise). I then rebooted my device and ran unc0ver with Reinstall Cydia toggled. After that Cydia opens and functions, however any attempts to install packages are met with: dpkg-deb control returned error exit status 2 subprocess usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code (1) I’ve tried googling but haven’t found anything to help resolve this issue. Can anyone help? Edit: Navigation to that location in Filza shows access permissions SetUID, SetGID have a mask set to 06775 (because other solutions I’ve searched involved changing this) Edit 2: well I’m an idiot but I solved it. iCleaner Pro -> disable ALL tweaks -> Cydia is fine, update Glad I didn’t restore RootFS Final Edit: I rolled back the upgrades. Essentials and BetterAlerts broke Cydia, and even if I wanted to disable them, Cydia was much slower after upgrading. So until someone figures out what the issue is, screw it I’m ignoring these upgrades Update: I guess it was Flame? Works after removing, even though Cydia was working, with Flame running and updates installed, after I disabled BetterAlerts and Essentials. Weird stuff. Cydia functions now but it’s suuuper slow to open (45 seconds plus)