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SEMANTICS. The app is not "down", lets all stop using this phrase. Just say certificates have been ripped because it isnt down for the people who use the smarter and safer alternate routes to download iS. This is strictly a problem for people who need direct download or use a third party installer (tweakbox/appvalley)... Now while on the topic of third party installers. STOP. Stoooopppp. Stop using them. Apple does not give half a shit you spoof. App developers and their parent companies do, because youre essentially stealing. If youre using tweakbox or whatever, notice how everryyyyy app, not just iSpoofer has the cert ripped? not a coincidence. If you can't play because of this issue, take the loss. Just wait for the direct to come back patient. For anyone who uses them...seriously stop supporting third-party installs. Consider investing in a cheap laptop or IPAstore....but stop using appvalley/tweakbox. Whoever is, YOU all collectively are the reason for the certificate rips... *Edit: when posting this i more had in mind that we need to get people to stop using these third party app stores like tweak/appvalley, and explaining why the revokes happen to begin with... Rant over...again. proceed.