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So I'm not sure why this hasn't been talked about here, but this is a neat tweak and one of the only ones that stops me from upgrading to iOS 13 on my jailbroken device. This tweak is really simple and after installing it, you can open any expired app or even one you've never trusted in the profile settings without any popup telling you otherwise. So you can sideload with impactor or a signing service and never worry about the 7 day limit/ certs being revoked! Steps: 1. Download the deb file [here]( 2. Install with Filza 3. Respring 4. Go into settings and make sure profileValidated is checked in antirevoke settings 5. Profit?? All credits go to Stem Grade! ​ Edit: [here’s ]( video of what the tweak does. This only works when your device is in a jailbroken state. Hence, this is most beneficial for those who use signing services for ease of access and are already jailbroken, rather than dealing with installing/signing ipas.