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Happy new iPhone day! I am excited to finally announce the public launch of Wallpapers+ (alternatively called WPlusHub since searching for a “+” character isn’t supported).... this website starts off with over 200 wallpapers for your i-Device, so there’s definitely something in there for everyone! Submissions are appreciated and will help grow the site even more. *IF SITE DOESNT LOAD MAKE SURE YOU OPEN IN SAFARI AND REFRESH. TRY USING THE LINK TO JUMP TO CATEGORIES IF YOU STILL CAN’T GET IT TO LOAD, BUT KEEP TRYING. IT WILL WORK EVENTUALLY* [Click here to visit ]( To jump directly to categories [click here]( I created [this shortcut]( so you can add the site to your homescreen without the sloppy image safari captures by default. You can [click here]( to find out how to add a shortcut to your homescreen, as well as how to set your own custom icon to go with the shortcut. I hope you all enjoy, I’ve been working on the website for a few weeks now and gathering wallpapers for months. The website is perfectly mobile-optimized seeing 99 percent of the traffic will be coming from iPhones. Eclipse should work with this as well (just turn the website dark mode option on in more settings) and I can always make the website completely dark mode if users prefer. NOTES: If you receive an error, try refreshing. This is probably due to more traffic coming in then the site can handle. I included a donation button so the community can help me expand this service by increasing the bandwidth so more users can visit, as well as purchasing a proper .com domain name. This service will ALWAYS be free, I will never demand money from anyone.