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Alright so first off I'm gonna just say Fuck Spotify because of what they've recently been doing about tracking user locations and consistently making their app shittier and more locked down. So until they do something about that I'm stopping my premium subscription. I've been trying to find a way to be able to get a premium-like experience on my phone AND desktop since I use spotify on both devices and finally got everything to work so here it is. You'll basically have premium except you can't download songs to use offline but there's ways around that as well which I won't get into. Keep in mind this is for Android and Windows 10 only, not sure if it works on other operating systems. **Windows:** 1. Make sure your Spotify client is updated to the latest version 2. Download the [forked release of BlockTheSpot]( by mrpond (big shoutout!) 3. Follow the instructions (basically copy the .dll file to your Spotify install folder and restart Spotify) 4. Voilà! No more video, banner, or audio ads while retaining 100% of functionality in the app **Android:** 1. Make an account at []( (there's no need to download the market apk) 2. Navigate to the app releases section and search for Spotify 3. Find the latest release by Balatan, the only hard part know is figuring out which instruction set your phone's processor uses. If you don't know: download [Droid Hardware Info]( and go under System -> CPU Architecture. Now download the appropriate apk from mobilism 4. Uninstall your existing Spotify app 5. Install the mobilism apk (enable install from unknown sources if you haven't already) 6. Enjoy! Some people reported needing to force close the app and open it again after installing for skipping, choosing songs, etc. to start working which I had to do as well