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I just got banned on /r/jailbreak for literally helping people get Unc0ver. One store was signed and I made a post saying "Unc0ver on \[store\] is signed! Get it while you can!" The only signing service that is allowed on /r/jailbreak is . However, as you can see when you click on the link, it is not publicly available. A couple of minutes later, I got perma-banned for "Breaking the piracy rule [\[Rule 18\]]( for the third time." I told them that this was not fair and that I should be unbanned. Basically I told them that if the only "alternative store" that is allowed; , is unusable for the public. I read [\[Rule 18\]]( and saw that they picked to be the only allowed signing service because it only hosts jailbreaks and not pirated games. That does make sense, however, I was literally just trying to help the jailbreak community. A lot of people do not have a computer for checkra1n and are dependent on these stores for their jailbreak. As I mentioned, this was the third piracy strike. I don't even remember what my first one was; I joined /r/jailbreak somewhere in September 2019. However, I do remember the second time. Someone was trying to get Unc0ver for iOS 12.4 and all the stores except iOS Ninja were revoked. I told the person in the post to get Unc0ver from iOS Ninja. The result was that I got banned for a week from /r/jailbreak. I do understand that the stores are techically piracy, but they do also host jailbreaks. I did techically break the rule though. Do YOU think this was fair? ​ Post: [\_unc0ver\_is\_signed/]( iOS Ninja Post: [\_so\_i\_decided\_to\_install\_the\_unc0ver\_ipa/]( ​ AT LEAST I DIDN'T LINK THIS: []( ​ r/jailbreak be like: []( \*\*UPDATE\*\* This was the conversation between me and [u/aaronp613]( , the moderator of r/jailbreak: [**Chimera\_Redsn0w** 03:48 PM]( Hello, I got banned. I am sorry for talking about an unauthorized signing service. All I was trying to do is help people. Many people are dependent on these signing services for their jailbreak. [](, which is the only authorized signing service is unusable right now. This is the only thing on the site: "Future home of something quite cool. If you're the site owner, log in to launch this site If you are a visitor, check back soon." Since this is the only signing service that is signed right now, it is the only one people can use. Rule 18 states: "For months the mod team has held the belief that signing services fell under a gray area in terms of piracy." It is true that CokernutX, AppValley, etc are technically a piracy service, but it also hosts Jailbreaks! If people want to pirate games and talk about it, this is not the place. I understand that. Again, []( is unusable right now. The only people who can use it are site moderators. I am pretty sure that most people in this subreddit are not []( site moderators. []( was a good decision back when it was accessible to the general public. Now, it is not such a great decision. I understand that I broke the rules of [r/jailbreak](, but I was just trying to help. I also understand that having an entire community to moderate is hard and there have to be some harsh rules. However, I think this rule is too harsh. I really like the jailbreak community and was just doing this from the good of my heart. I rarely post here, but I try to help people when I can. The final decision goes to you, however. Whether my ban can be lifted or not. Again I am sorry for breaking Rule 18. Thank you in advance. [**aaronp613**09:39 PM]( you did have good intentions, you still did break the rules So unfortunately i cant unban you [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:44 PM]( I really tried to help people. I won’t ever break this piracy rule ever again. [**aaronp613**09:44 PM]( we do not take intentions into account when it comes to our piracy rule [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:45 PM]( [**aaronp613**09:45 PM]( i couldnt be of more help [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:45 PM]( we discuss the piracy rule?For a second? [**aaronp613**09:45 PM]( much to discuss [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:46 PM]( mean []( is unusable to the public.I do understand that other stores are technically piracyCokernutX, however does not host much pirated stuffMostly just jailbreaks [**aaronp613**09:48 PM]( order to be considered to be allowed on [r/jailbreak](, a signing service must do the following:1. Only host jailbreak apps2. must have the jailbreak developer's permission to rehost it3. If there are ads on the site, they must be non intrusive and no fake X buttons []( was the only one to have all 3 of these [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:49 PM](, i understand. However, you can’t just be dependent on one store. No store is signed forever. [**aaronp613**09:50 PM]( any other store wants to follow those 3 guidelines, we would be more than happy to allow it [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:50 PM]( a piracy service does not tie you to piracy [**aaronp613**09:51 PM]( have standards that we want to upkeep [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:51 PM]( understand that. But those standards are way too high [**aaronp613**09:52 PM]( in your opinion. But they are not. [r/jailbreak]( does not allow piracy or LINKS to piracy. [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:52 PM]( is a post I made on [/r/jailbreak\_]( shorty after getting banned [**aaronp613**09:52 PM]( read itthat subreddit is full of piracyso that dosnt help your case [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:52 PM]([\_/comments/hcrrov/just\_got\_permabanned\_on\_rjailbreak/]( read my post? [**aaronp613**09:52 PM](, i was mentioned in the comments📷[**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:53 PM]( understand[]( is the only one of its kind right?[**aaronp613**09:54 PM]( made by []( made that new one to adhere to guidline #1 [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:54 PM]( but ignition hosts pirated appsThat is kind of funny [**aaronp613**09:55 PM]( made this new site so it falled under all 3 guidelines. If any other service wants to do that, they are more than welcome tooBut from what I understand, the unc0ver team is not allowing signing services to host their app right now [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:55 PM]( about AltStore [**aaronp613**09:56 PM]( about it? [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:56 PM]( can technically be considered piracy [**aaronp613**09:56 PM]( it cant [**Chimera\_Redsn0w**09:56 PM]( could deploy cracked .ipas to a deviceWith altstore[**aaronp613**09:56 PM]( like saying []( is piracy because you can search up piracy on it [**Chimera\_Redsn0w** 09:57 PM]( I understandBut technically in that fashion, cokernutx, AppValley, etc could also apply to that statementI mean it does have a majority of pirated apps but still [**aaronp613** 09:58 PM]( are going in circles now. This conversation is over [**Chimera\_Redsn0w** 09:59 PM]( goodbye ​