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Hi, Yesterday I switched from u0 to Odyssey and I can't be happier. Haven't had any crashes or drains so far. I can't imagine the official version getting better. Good Job, guys! Tho AppStore++ doesn't seem to work. If you install AppStore++ it works, but If you then reboot into unjailbroken mode and then jailbreak again, your device will restart itself (to unjailbroken mode). ***In case you installed AppStore++ or any other faulty tweak:*** ***Workaround 1***: disable the option "Enable Tweaks" and jailbreak. Then open the package manager of your choice and uninstall the faulty Tweak. Then reboot and tick enable tweaks again. Your device should work as before. ***Workaround 2*** (just in emergency case if nothing else works, try this before full restore): before pressing "Jailbreak" tick "restore rootFS". But consider that all your tweaks are gone and you have to start the jailbreak-process by scratch. \--------------------------------------------------------------- **If you (whyever) need to downgrade an App:** **Workaround 1:** [\_how\_to\_downgrade\_any\_app\_to\_any\_version/]( **Workaround 2:** 1. Download AppStore++ 0.9.10 2. Downgrade the App(s) to the Version you want 3. Do one of the following tasks: 3.1 Uninstall AppStore++ 3.2 Disable AppStore++ with iCleaner Pro (iCleaner Pro -> "+" -> Cydia Substrate Addons -> untick the 3 Appstore++ entries) Tweaks that I can confirm are working with Odyssey on iPhone 11 13.5: \- Unicorn for Tiktok \- Phantom Beta \- Snapper 2 \- Appaze 2 \- Pigment \- NotifyWifiX \- Multipla \- Copylog \- AutoUnlockX \- KernBypass \- FixFacebookCrash \- Titan (rare re-springs now and then, but got that with u0 aswell) \- Watusi 2 for WhatsApp \- iCleaner \- DiskProbe \- Lynx \- Kalm \- Filza File Manager \- Gesto13 \- Kai \- Spectrum \- AppSync Unified