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Device info: iPhone 5S (A1457) running iOS 10.3.3 (14G60) After initially jailbreaking the device with Meridian and performing the first launch and update of Cydia, all of the sources and available packages have been erased with only []( left. I am unable to re-add any of the previous sources. Can anyone please give me a few pointers as to what happened and how to fix this? Here are the exact steps I took leading up to this problem: \- Downgraded from iOS 12.4.8 to iOS 10.3.3 using vieux (build [1afce5a]( \- Accessed [Meridian]( jailbreak page (as of the time of writing, it is at version v0.9-007 Pre-Release \[2018-9-27\]) \- Tapped "jailbreak", redirected to the "TotallyNotSpyware" page \- Used "slide to jailbreak" \- After kernel exploit complete, selected "Meridian" \- Device respring complete, launched Cydia \- Cydia refreshed sources, gave an SSL error about []( \- []( had zero packages available so I tried to delete it, only to find that it cannot be deleted (all other sources can be, it's just this one that's fixed) \- Checked the changes tab and installed the latest essential updates \- Cydia was part of the update and it prompted me to close it, which I did \- I reopened Cydia after it was updated, only to find that all sources have been removed, with only []( left \- All previously available packages have disappeared, only currently installed ones are viewable \- []( still cannot be removed \- When I try to add any source (including ones that were available right before this happened), either Cydia gives the "repository not found/invalid repository" error, or it attempts to refresh but immediately displays the following message: `Failed to fetch` [``]( `SSL:-9807` `Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.` \- This error message overrides anything I try to add, and prevents any sources from being re-added I've tried rebooting the device but that seems to cause a host of other issues. Namely, if I try to re-apply the jailbreak after the boot up using TotallyNotSpyware, it frequently crashes and forces a reboot instead of successfully completing the exploit and respringing. If I try to use Cydia Impactor, it fails with the message: `file: lockdown.cpp; line: 57; what:` `LOCKDOWN_E_INVALID_HOST_ID` From searching on Google, I understand that this error is usually caused by the device not being connected to the computer beforehand and completing the whole "trust this computer?" dialogue, however this device *has* synced with this computer before and I've already selected "trust this computer" . I can't get the dialogue to reappear, and checking it under Finder just shows an infinite "loading" page. Actually, even if I disconnect it from USB, Finder acts like it's still connected and stays on the loading page. If I keep reattempting TotallyNotSpyware, eventually it will work but the success rate is something like 1 out of 70 attempts, so this isn't a practical way to get the device back up and running again. And even if it succeeds, often it will work for a few seconds, then freeze completely and become unresponsive until a forced reboot, sending me back to square one. Can someone please tell me what's going on and how to get all the Cydia sources back? Extra info: \- I jailbroke immediately after a fresh downgrade/restore, and haven't installed any additional apps or changed any of the default system settings \- This happened immediately after the initial launch of Cydia, I have not installed any tweaks or anything else that could have interfered with Cydia's operation