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Now I won't deny that it took a lot of effort from my side, but these jailbreak tweaks helped me a lot to maintain my capacity. I did this solely for the achievement of not having degraded my battery after an entire year, it might have not been worth it, but I'm proud. Here are the tweaks that I found particularly helpful: [[Activator]] : I followed a strict charging pattern almost never draining my phone less than 40% or allowing it to charge higher than 80%. I used Activator so send me alerts about when I reach these levels so I can charge/unplug. I think this charging pattern is what helped me most in maintaining my battery capacity, and it was quite easy considering that most of this year was on lockdown. Nevertheless, I still got around 4 hours of on-screen usage before the battery dropped from 80% to 40%. I'm using unc0ver. [[BattSafe]] : This tweak was particularly helpful because it helped me stay in my charging pattern. Apparently charging to 100% (or overnight) stresses out the battery and degrades it faster. BattSafe kept the charge level where it should be. This tweak was also very helpful when I was doing power-hungry activities that stress out the battery (gaming, video conversion, Hotspot...) because I could plug in at any time without worrying about exceeding 80%. [[PowerCuff]] : Helped me limit my battery usage (by a lot) whenever I felt like I might not be able to make it back home before dropping under 40% [[SystemInfo]] and [[BatteryLife]] : Very effective at monitoring battery info. SystemInfo currently says my capacity is at 103.5%. Also very helpful to monitor current battery drainage to determine which apps cause battery drain. I try keeping my battery drain less than 300 mA the majority of the time because high drain levels stress out the battery. edit: proof: (Warranty date to prove I bought it a hear ago) Important: I am NOT saying you should do this. I did this as an 'experiment' and for the achievement of it. It's very impractical and honestly not even worth it. I'm tired of hearing "you're just too afraid to degrade your battery." Keep your mean opinions to yourself, and thanks.