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**To use this shortcut, you must first allowed untrusted shortcuts.** [**Learn how here.**]( ​ [\(This is how the shortcut looks like\)]( Originally a Jailbreak Detection PoC shortcut made by u/zachary7829, this modified fork shortcut detects and lists jailbreak applications installed on a user’s device. You have choices between being able to uninstall or reinstall detected applications via SSH, copy the bundle ID of detected applications, save the detected application icon to the photo gallery & launch detected applications! You can also choose to Export Application Names List and/or Export Applications Bundle ID List. **To install, go to** [**this RoutineHub link**]( **and press "Get Shortcut".** This shortcut was originally made by u/Silentoplayz, I found it on []( and thought it was really cool and might fit in this subreddit. *This is not OC content.*