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Hello I tried searching prior to typing this and also checked the FAQ but couldn't find enough data.I'm migrating from a jail-broken IPhone 6 to a non jail-broken IPhone 12 so I have 3 options: 1. ICloud backup 2. Itunes backup 3. Quick start transfer (wifi with 2 devices near each other) Some people complained that itunes backups lead to problems on the newer device with banking apps detecting traces of jailbreak from the older device so I guess that isn't the best option, right?So what I'm planning to do is: 1. Restore RootFS using this guide [here]( & [here]( 2. Use quick start transfer to move data from older device to newer device Is that enough to avoid the jailbreak problems?Also do I need to backup the device using ICloud for things as whatsapp history and so on or the quick transfer moves everything?Excuse my 2nd question if it sounds obvious but I'm now to the whole IOS stuff, coming over from android side making things a bit confusing Thanks in advance.