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Yes i heard about my isp watching me and the government and watch groups and "hackers" what ever that means as in they can connect to my internet yada yada. But do i really need it tho. Theres no real personal information on those Fire Sticks plus what can those people who are apparently watching me gain from a guy who is just streaming TV series and movies on like 2 apk apps. Someone please tell me in simple terms. I have many firesticks for each of my family members to enjoy shows and movies from netflix hulu disney apple tv ect for absolutely free. How are we in danger without a vpn? Will they steal my information/identity? Will my isp shut me down for using an apparently non illegal app or what? Do i need a vpn because after 2 months of having all of these things i feel that they are unnecessary especially the way these youtubers push this on to us. Thanks for reading.